Professional Entry Mats: Worth Every Penny

There is nothing like a pair of high quality mats at every door to reduce wear and tear on your floors and save you cleaning time. This is because 80% of the dirt you battle with brooms and vacuums walks in through the door. A pair of good mats will stop that dirt in its tracks – so you don’t have to waste time chasing it around your house! Why a pair of doormats and not just one? When you position one mat outside the door and one inside they work in tandem to not just get rid of the...

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SoilMaster: Versatile & Powerful Degreaser

Almost every day, grease finds its way into your home. Whether it’s tracked in on shoes or the result of kitchen spills and cooking splatters, the sticky film left behind by greasy residue and grime can be difficult to remove no matter where it ends up. Sometimes, the more you try to remove a sticky, greasy film, the stickier it becomes – gathering more dirt and dust to compound the problem. Water alone can’t get rid of grease because water can’t penetrate grease. And elbow grease isn’t always enough to tackle the greasy gunk found in active households. In today’s...

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