There is nothing like a pair of high quality mats at every door to reduce wear and tear on your floors and save you cleaning time. This is because 80% of the dirt you battle with brooms and vacuums walks in through the door. A pair of good mats will stop that dirt in its tracks – so you don’t have to waste time chasing it around your house!


Why a pair of doormats and not just one? When you position one mat outside the door and one inside they work in tandem to not just get rid of the big stuff like leaves and dirt clods, but to also remove the moisture and fine dust that one mat would miss. Aren’t we all familiar with the puddles and mud left just inside the entry way when only one mat is on the job? So don’t skimp – get two mats for each entrance to your home.

When choosing mats to serve as soldiers in your cleaning army, it isn’t always easy to know what to look for, but luckily Don Aslett has decades of experience working in residences and businesses and knows what types of mats stop the most dirt and stay good looking while doing it! All of the mats we sell are Don Aslett approved to meet his exacting standards for durability and effectiveness. 

Because the mat outside the door has a different job than the one inside the door, it is important to get the right mats in the right places. And remember – when it comes to mats – bigger is always better! The larger the mat, the more steps it will take to cross it, so even people who don’t wipe their feet will end up with clean shoes with a large mat.

The mat for outside the door needs to be sturdy, weather proof, and have serious shoe cleaning texture. For this demanding job, Don chooses AstroTurf mats, hands down. AstroTurf has all the qualities needed for the job, plus hides dirt amazingly well, so even when it is full of dirt, you don’t see it until you shake out the mat. The long “grass blades” that make up an AstroTurf mat are designed to work like mini squeegees to scrape away dirt, mud, leaves, water, and other debris from every shoe, boot, and paw that passes. AstroTurf is also easy to clean – just shake it out or hose off and let dry before putting it back down.

Inside the door, go for a mat that is absorbent and easy to vacuum, as its job is primarily to dry the feet and remove any remaining dirt. Don likes mats with water proof rubber or synthetic rubber backing for this job, to prevent moisture from damaging the floor underneath. Olefin, Chevron or Ridge Runner mats are perfect for this job.

With a pair of Don Aslett approved mats at each entrance, you’ll spend less time cleaning and your precious carpet and hard floors will last years longer. Choose from one of our many mats that fit your needs and design! 

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March 06, 2018 — Kim Williams


Ada Sites said:

I have a corner litter box with clumping litter in my bathroom. I have tried several litter rugs and am constantly fighting the litter tracks from tiny paws. Can you help me?

Mark Young said:

My wife has purchased a number of your entryway mats over the years. We just replaced our carpet with vinyl plank flooring. Can we still use our mats or is there a danger of them staining our floors?

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