Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Getting rid of tough rings and stains inside the toilet bowl like these is a chore than can be done the easy way or the hard way. The reason is these rings and stains are actually made of hardened minerals and they are rock-hard. What you need is a cleaner than can dissolve the minerals. Safety Foam’s acidic formula is exactly what you need! And when one application of Safety Foam isn’t enough to get rid of really stubborn stains, I’ll show you how to scour them away in seconds. So tackle toilet rings the smart way – the easy way – with Safety Foam!

*If you’re wondering about the contraption attached to the toilet in these pictures, it is a bidet. I’ll show you the easy way to clean that, too!

For this project you’ll need:

  1. Safety Foam
  2. Johnny Mop
  3. Pumice Stone
  4. Shaw’s Pad (optional)
  5. Toilet Caddy (optional)

Step One:

Flush the toilet then use your Johnny Mop like a plunger to push the water down the throat of the toilet to lower the water level so you can reach the mineral deposits.

Step Two:

Using the attached cone, squeeze excess water from the Johnny Mop.

Apply 1 oz. of Safety Foam to the fluffy end of the Johnny Mop.

Step Three:

Vigorously scrub the mineral deposits inside the toilet with the Johnny Mop until a thick foam forms. The easiest way to build up foam is to quickly swirl the Johnny Mop around inside the toilet bowl.

*If you have a plastic or metal bidet in your toilet, be careful to keep the Safety Foam from touching it, as the acid can damage the bidet. You’ll notice I didn’t apply Safety Foam to the mineral deposits right next to and behind the bidet nozzles for this reason.

Once the toilet bowl is thoroughly coated in thick foam, allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes. Use this time to clean the bathtub, sink, and rest of the bathroom. I lean the handle of the Johnny Mop on the rim of the toilet and close the lid while I clean the rest of the bathroom.

Step Four:

Remove the Johnny Mop from the toilet and flush. Rise the Johnny Mop in the fresh water as the toilet flushes.

Squeeze the Johnny Mop with the attached cone to remove excess water.

Check the toilet for any remaining traces of mineral ring or deposits. If the mineral ring and deposits are gone, you’re done!

If not, move to step five.

Step Five:

If your toilet is white, dip a pumice stone (the professional cleaning kind, not the kind for calluses on feet) in water and gently rub it over the mineral ring and deposits inside the bowl. When the mineral deposits are gone, flush the toilet to rinse away the sandy grit left behind.


March 06, 2018 — Kim Williams


Sarah Snyder said:

What if you have a black toilet? Is cleaner and pumice safe on it?

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