About Don Aslett

More than 50 years cleaning… and still going strong

Did you know that the Don Aslett Product is all part of a legacy that started more than 50 years ago?

It all began because a college student needed money. That same man – Don Aslett – is now recognized as America’s #1 Cleaning Expert. Knowing he had to earn his way, he started cleaning homes while attending college and within just one year, his home based janitorial enterprise grew to be a top choice in the regional commercial cleaning market. His early major accounts included Bell Telephone System (now known as AT & T) and the world famous Sun Valley Ski Resort.

Then a big step forward… with years of professional experience every one asked “Don, how do I clean my home better and faster?” Don recommended professional products and techniques, but the best products were hard to find. So, he decided to start a catalog. In it he wrote about his experiences and knowledge, most of which continues to prove helpful to everyone cleaning their own home. We pass along Don’s knowledge and advice while providing a comprehensive selection of his professionally endorsed cleaning products, equipment and supplies.

And remember – great products and tools aren’t enough. How you clean is just as important as what you use to clean. For years Don has written about the best ways to clean just about anything you might find in a typical home. His techniques will help you cut your cleaning time in half so you will have more time for family and friends after a hectic day!