“When you start with a good finish … you’re floors not only look their best, keeping them that way is a breeze. A microfiber dust mop picks up loose dust and dirt the best; then follow with a damp mop and a good neutral cleaner to let the beauty of the finish shine through again and again!” … Don Aslett

If you read our last blog post, you understand the importance of having a good finish on wood and hard floors. When you do, regular floor care is a breeze and your floors look more beautiful than ever … without cracks, scratches or wear marks to trap and hold onto dirt, controlling dust and cleaning up spills and messes will be faster and the floor will be cleaner when you are finished.

Now that you have the floor finished, here are the 2 simple steps we recommend to keep them looking gorgeous every day!

#1 – Managing day-to-day dust and loose dirt is a must:

Dirt is depreciating; it acts like sandpaper on your floors, wearing the finish prematurely. You have three choices, and the one that works for you depends on your home.

Option 1: Professionals prefer dust mopping over sweeping – it is faster, since you can cover more area, more thoroughly in less time. Microfiber Dust Mops do not require any treatment, they have built in static to capture the fine dust and pet hair. Make It Fast & Easy: Dust Mop in an “S” shape with your pile of gunk out in front (to avoid scratching) and then just vacuum it up when you’re done. You can use the vacuum hose to clean the dust pad or just shake it outside. Be sure to wash it occasionally when the dirt won’t come loose any longer (FYI – there is always a little bit of micronized grease and oil on our hard floors – the microfiber dust pad will also clean and capture that as well, keeping it from building up on your floors over time).

Option 2: Not convinced or prefer a more traditional method? Then a broom is the answer. Quick and easy with nothing to clean up afterwards but the pile of dust. A Rubber Broom is our top choice, it captures the dirt as well as the pet hair.

Option 3: Finally, you can vacuum with a traditional vacuum, like the Miele Twist, or use the rechargeable Linx stick vacuum. With no power cord, the Linx is super convenient for quick clean ups on all types of hard floors. The Lithium Ion battery powers it for up to 40 minutes on one charge. It provides quick and thorough clean up without bringing out your heavier regular vacuum.

#2 – Regular mopping removes dirt, grime, heel marks and more from hard flooring:

The frequency with which you clean and mop your floors depends on your household – obviously a house full of kids and dogs is going to require a little more love! Fortunately, kids and pets provide plenty of love and joy in return!

Mop with a neutral cleaner like Clean N Brite or Wood Wash so they don’t get dull and grimy: Both are available in a concentrate so you can dilute it yourself and save money. The Don Aslett Mini Pro Mop will help make clean up even easier with a microfiber pad. Microfiber pads will mop up to 500 square feet of floor before they need to be cleaned. They are machine washable up to 300 times so one pad can last you for years, saving you money compared to disposables.

Your floors are one of the first things your guests see when they enter your home. Armed with this advice, you’ll make a lasting impression every time!

March 06, 2018 — Kim Williams

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