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Don Aslett is known as America’s #1 Cleaning Expert: Maintain a spotless space with help from an industry insider. From mats to mops to kits, Don Aslett has developed everything you need to keep your house fresh and clean. His expertise shines through in his professional-quality products, and they’ll help your home shine, too.

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Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet bowl rings are not only unsightly, if you don’t do anything about them, they can get downright gross and develop into bacterial hazards for humans and thirsty pets. Fast and effective, Safety Foam cleans and deodorizes in just minutes. Dissolves hard water rings too. Use with Don’s Johnny Mop and in three easy steps, you’ll have your toilets shining like new. Lower the water level in the bowl with the Johnny Mop Apply about 1 oz of Safety Foam to the Johnny Mop, swabbing the ring and under the rim. Allow to sit about 5 minutes and then flush

Hard water scale, body oils and soap scum that build up on surfaces in the bath and shower can be the most difficult thing to clean and control in the bathroom – especially in the hard water areas of the country. Unlike grocery store brands, Showers N’ Stuff cleaner blends three acids that work as a team to penetrate and dissolve hard water deposits once and for all. It is safe and effective for use on fiberglass tubs and stalls, ceramic tile, and bathroom glass.

Microfiber is an extremely effective cleaning material that’s gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It’s wonderfully soft and made of ultra fine fibers that clean on a microscopic scale. Using a microfiber cloth or microfiber mop pad to clean a surface can reduce the number of bacteria by 99%, compared to 33% in conventional household cleaning materials – even after 300 washings. Microfiber can absorb up to eight times its weight in water, goo or grease and has super electrostatic “dust-attracting” power, making it virtually lint free.

We offer the highest quality microfiber cloths, towels and mop pads available in a variety of styles and colors. If you haven’t tried microfiber, then you should. We believe microfiber is the most efficient and effective cleaning material made, and it truly represents the next generation in cleaning better.

Indoor/Outdoor Mats

There are lots of mats in the professional market, but none of them work as well as AstroTurf at removing dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Thousands of synthetic blades scrape debris from every boot, shoe and paw that passes. Traps, hold and hides up to 80% of the dirt that makes it to your door. Reduce the time you spend cleaning your house by placing a mat at every entrance, including the garage. To clean, just lift and shake. No other mat is as easy to care for, and these quality commercial mats can last for up to 15 years.

Many people already use outdoor mats, but indoor mats are just as important because fine dirt and moisture combine to act like sandpaper in your carpet and on your floors to wear down the fibers and finishes. Interior mats should finish up the job and clean up the finer particles and absorb any liquid. Typically they are made from fine strands of material to trap the water and move it away from potential damage to your floors. Using an Olefin, Chevron or Ridge Runner Mat indoors or out will help extend the life of your floors and carpeting. Place your mats so that members of your household and guests take several steps to clean off shoes – make it easy so they don’t have to even think about helping you keep your home clean!

Wood & Hard Floors

The amazing rubber broom from Don Aslett’s cleaning center works indoors and out better than any broom you’ve had before … and it does so much more. It’s perfect for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery and it’s equipped with a built in squeegee to clean large windows and snow or water from garage floors and RV’s. It’s made from soft synthetic rubber so it won’t scratch delicate surfaces. And no matter how dirty the rubber broom gets, it cleans up in seconds with just soap and water. From the garage to the house to the car. Keep your spaces tidy and clean with this multipurpose rubber broom and hand brush set. Synthetic rubber bristles reach deep into carpet and fabric surfaces, building up an electrostatic charge that attracts pet hair and debris. For wet messes, the broom is equipped with a squeegee side.

For daily floor cleaning, Don Aslett recommends you mop with a neutral cleaner like Clean N Brite or Wood Wash so they don’t get dull. The Don Aslett Mini Pro or larger Pro Mop will help make clean up even easier with a microfiber pad. Microfiber pads will mop up to 500 square feet of floor before they need to be cleaned. They are machine washable up to 300 times so one pad can last you for years saving you money compared to disposables.

There are different types of pads so you can use them for dusting as well. Dust mopping is a quick way to make sure your floors stay beautiful between applications of finishes by removing the damaging dirt – dirt is just loose sand so it is like taking sandpaper to your floors every time you walk on them. Dust Mop in an s shape with your pile of gunk out in front (to avoid scratching) and then just vacuum is up when you’re done.

Over time, wood can begin to look old. Wood cabinetry in your kitchen can get a buildup from cooking and moisture. Mopping and wiping isn’t enough after a while. Wood Wash is a neutral cleaner that works on all wood surfaces, whether your wood is oiled, finished or unfinished. It even works on laminate. So if you thought you needed a new wood cabinets or furniture, try Wood Wash instead and enjoy the beauty of your old wood again!

DIY Projects Around the Home

Don Aslett is known as America’s #1 Cleaning Expert: Maintain a spotless space with help from an industry insider. From mats to mops to kits, Don Aslett has developed everything you need to keep your house fresh and clean. His expertise shines through in his professional-quality products, and they’ll help your home shine, too.

A scientific formula breakthrough couples an organic solvent derived from orange and citrus peels with a superior cleaning surfactant system, creating a cleaning solution with unequaled ability to dissolve and emulsify soils of all types. It penetrates and emulsifies for easy removal of grease, oil, ink, coffee, grass stains, blood, pet stains and other tough soil from countertops, non-polished floors, walls, concrete and more. SoilMaster can be used on nearly all water safe surfaces, not recommended for use on finished floors, granite or marble.