The Rubber Broom — You Won’t Believe You Ever Lived Without It!

When I’m asked if there is one cleaning tool no one should live without the answer is simple – the Rubber Broom. It does more in every room in and out of the house and will save more time, frustration, and effort than any other single cleaning tool out there.

Our Rubber Broom comes with a heavy duty synthetic rubber head featuring hundreds of tiny “bristles” and a squeegee blade. The fully adjustable telescoping handle is metal and made to stand up to the toughest jobs. It is simple to adjust the length of the handle – just twist, slide to the desired length then twist again. We back it with an amazing no-questions asked one year guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, or you somehow manage to break it we’ll refund your money or replace it – your choice!

This winter you’ll want one in every car, truck, or SUV you own. It is especially popular with truckers – the long adjustable handle makes it easy to sweep snow or squeegee moisture off of hard to reach windshields for safe driving. Then shorten the handle and it neatly stores in the trunk or behind the seat.

If you live in an area with snow, I’m sure you’re familiar with how snow and ice builds up in the wheel wells of vehicles while driving then melts into mini lakes in your garage or on your driveway. If you let it evaporate the problem doesn’t go away – it leaves stubborn mud and grit everywhere! Get the whole mess — road dirt, gravel, and water out with a few flicks of the Rubber Broom’s squeegee blade across the garage floor!

The Rubber Broom’s uses in the garage don’t end there – quickly squeegee up oil or fluid spills, flip it over and sweep away leaves, dust, and debris. It can even be used to gently scrub away bird droppings and stuck on bugs while washing the car.

When there is a light snow or the threat of freezing rain, use the Rubber Broom on your sidewalks and steps. It makes quick work of clearing concrete and wood, tile, or brick decks so you don’t have to lug out a heavy snow shovel. Keep one in the car to clear snow, rain or condensation from windshields.

In the house the Rubber Broom has even more uses! The bristles are great at scrubbing grout lines on tile floors and walls. Use it to work spray-on carpet cleaners into the fibers for more thorough cleaning. Squeegee dry floors after moping or spills. When it comes time to do heavy duty wall-washing, the squeegee blade works just as well on walls as it does on floors and windows. Use it to sweep the floor. It even scrubs stuck on messes with ease.

Plus, if you have a furry pet the Rubber Broom will be your new favorite first line of defense against fuzz. Use it like a carpet rake to ball up deeply imbedded fur for easy removal. Rub it over sofas, loveseats, drapes and any upholstered surface to easily get up stubborn fur that won’t come off any other way. Used as a broom on hard floors, it builds an electrostatic charge to grab fly-away fur balls other tools just bat around. You can even shorten or take off the handle to use it on Fido’s favorite spot in the car or house!

Cleaning up your Rubber Broom is easy, too, just wash it with mild soap and water and let it air dry!

March 06, 2018 — Kim Williams


Mary Jo Winnie said:

I love this broom! It also is great to hit the t.v. Antenna ( on the window)when a channel pic sulfates! I am ordering another.They are extremely hard to find!
I saw you on Oprah April 18 ,1995, with your wonderful brief case toilet! I had finally gotten tickets for the next day..( April 19 1995 Oklahoma Bombing day )with my husband and brother .(dating mistakes while single was the topic 🙄)when I had my own cleaning business. I had to turn people away I had way to much business!🤪
My only regret is that I have arthritis from all the hand work( my hands ache very much.!🤲) But I loved my job and owning “ Mary’s Clean Sweep” for ten years plus!
What Vacumm do you recommend? I have a Sears fairly new canister so I can go under beds…. Just really wondering..
Thank you for responding 🙋‍♀️😷😷😷

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