The Many Uses Of Microfiber For Cleaning

What’s The Big Deal With Microfiber? At the Cleaning Center, we love cleaning, but we don’t want to spend any more time doing it than absolutely necessary! That’s why we’re in love with high quality, professional microfiber. We’re determined to bring the best microfiber to our customers at the very lowest prices possible. You’ve probably heard of microfiber, and may have even bought a few cloths, but if you’re not convinced it makes cleaning easier, let the experts at Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center show you why it should be your favorite cleaning tool! Microfiber has become incredibly popular in the...

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Rubber Brooms: Did You Know?

The Rubber Broom — You Won’t Believe You Ever Lived Without It! When I’m asked if there is one cleaning tool no one should live without the answer is simple – the Rubber Broom. It does more in every room in and out of the house and will save more time, frustration, and effort than any other single cleaning tool out there. Our Rubber Broom comes with a heavy duty synthetic rubber head featuring hundreds of tiny “bristles” and a squeegee blade. The fully adjustable telescoping handle is metal and made to stand up to the toughest jobs. It is...

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Sensitive to Chemicals and Cleaning Odors?

When you are sensitive to cleaning chemicals and the smells associated with them because of asthma or other conditions, it can be hard to find cleaning solutions you can use that actually work. Finding bathroom cleaners that remove hard water and soap scum, but don’t shut down your breathing, can be especially challenging. Odor control products, with their heavy fragrances, can be even worse! And if you’re looking for an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner in the grocery store that has low odor, watch out! So many of the “all-natural” products barely clean at all and can’t be used with bare hands!...

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The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Use this handy checklist to keep your bathroom looking its best. But always keep in mind Don Aslett’s #1 cleaning advice: If it’s not dirty, don’t clean it! Clean on a schedule that works for each bathroom. The kid’s bathroom may need cleaning twice a day, but the guest bathroom may only need a minor wipe-down before guests arrive and a thorough cleaning when they leave. After Each Use: Squeegee dry the shower or tub stall and door. Wipe dry the sink, faucet, and countertop. Daily: Wipe counters and sink. Check mirrors for spots and streaks – clean if needed....

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Removing Hard Water Spots & Build Up

Do you have ugly hard water problems? Most households do! Getting rid of hard water is the #1 cleaning issue that can hog your cleaning time and be the cause of more hair-pulling frustration than anything else. If you try to clean it off of a surface the wrong way you might damage or even destroy the surface you were just trying to clean! Hard water is the build-up of minerals and other impurities left when water evaporates. So, if it is a build-up near a water source that scrubbing and regular cleaners can’t budge, chance are it is hard...

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