Cleaning — Microfiber


Hard Floor Cleaning Don’t you just love clean shiny floors? We have some tips to make cleaning your floors easier and tricks to keeping them clean.  TIPS AND TRICKS Tip #1 : We love microfiber and highly suggest dusting & mopping with a Microfiber Pad. You can read about the benefits of microfiber HERE. It does not just push the germs around, it collects them. We love an eco-friendly product and a microfiber pad can be used hundreds of times.  Another tip while using the microfiber pad if your floors are super dirty. Rinse your mop pad more often, it will...

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Swiffer vs. Don Aslett Mop

A Swiffer Mop vs. a Don Aslett Microfiber Mop. We are going to compare one of the most popular mops, the Swiffer, to our Don Aslett mops. The Swiffer became a household name in the late 1990’s - everyone had, or still has, a Swiffer. But, is it the best option for mopping? We will break it down into different categories.  PRICE. In the grand scheme of things, what's the bottom line? PRICE. The Swiffer mop/duster costs about $15. The Don Aslett Microfiber Mop 15-Inch is $36.99 and includes 2 reusable pads. The Swiffer pads must be purchased separately, and...

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Why Clean with Microfiber?

Cleaning with Microfiber is Best! I am sure you have all heard about cleaning with microfiber. You may or may not use it, but after you read this you will never want to use anything else. Let us start with the basics of microfiber. What is it?  Microfiber is fibers usually made up of a blend of polyester, nylon and microfiber polymer. These materials are bundled together to form a strand so small the human eye can barely see it. Those bundles are then split into ultra-fine single fibers (estimated to be at least one-sixteenth the size of a human hair)....

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