Why Microfiber?

  Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made up of a blend of polyester and microfiber polymer. These materials are bundled together to form a strand so small the human eye can barely see it. When examined under a microscope the strand appears in the shape of a star. Those bundles are then split into ultra-fine single fibers (estimated to be at least one-sixteenth the size of a human hair) using a specific combination of chemicals, heat and agitation. The amount of splits determines the quality of the microfiber. The more splits, the more absorbent it is. In addition, the chemical...

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A Clean Update 2018

What am I up to today?

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Toilet Bowl Cleaning The Professional Way

Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner Getting rid of tough rings and stains inside the toilet bowl like these is a chore than can be done the easy way or the hard way. The reason is these rings and stains are actually made of hardened minerals and they are rock-hard. What you need is a cleaner than can dissolve the minerals. Safety Foam’s acidic formula is exactly what you need! And when one application of Safety Foam isn’t enough to get rid of really stubborn stains, I’ll show you how to scour them away in seconds. So tackle toilet rings the...

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How To Apply Floor Finishes

Beautiful Wood & Hard Floors Start … With The Finish “Any hard floor in your home should have a finish – even if it is brand new. Why? That way any wear that happens is on the finish, not the floor. Once the floor is scratched or damaged it can’t be repaired but it is easy to deal with worn finish.” … Don Aslett Did you know your floors can change the look and feel of your home? A dull, scratched dirty floor makes the home feel less welcoming – a clean polished floor is inviting. Caring for hard floors...

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Microfiber: Did You Know?

You wouldn’t use scissors to mow a football field, would you? Your hands or the scissors would give up long before you ran out of grass to cut! When it comes to cleaning, using the wrong cloth can make the job just as tedious, painful, and frustrating as mowing with scissors. Save yourself time and frustration by investing in a “wardrobe” of microfiber for every cleaning need. Smooth and heavy, polishing cloths excel at removing smudges from mirrors, windows, eyeglasses, and other glossy or transparent surfaces. They’re also very absorbent, so they’re great for drying fine crystal goblets, car windshields,...

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