What’s The Big Deal With Microfiber?

At the Cleaning Center, we love cleaning, but we don’t want to spend any more time doing it than absolutely necessary! That’s why we’re in love with high quality, professional microfiber. We’re determined to bring the best microfiber to our customers at the very lowest prices possible. You’ve probably heard of microfiber, and may have even bought a few cloths, but if you’re not convinced it makes cleaning easier, let the experts at Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center show you why it should be your favorite cleaning tool!

Microfiber has become incredibly popular in the last several years, but unfortunately most of the “microfiber” out there won’t help you clean faster or easier. This is because the vast majority of the “microfiber” cloths you see at discount stores or your local grocer are made of pure polyester and lack the ultra-fine fibers that make quality cloths so absorbent. These cheaply made polyester cloths may look and feel like quality microfiber, but they aren’t.

Real microfiber, the kind professionals swear by, is made of a blend of polyester and polyamide. The fibers that make up the cloth have been split and split again until they are so fine they pick up and trap the smallest dust and particles — even microscopic germs — with one swipe. All of the air space around each tiny fiber also makes these light-weight cloths super absorbent. You can dry a sink full of dishes, wring it out, and dry the next sink-full.

A good professional quality cloth is fantastically absorbent, quick drying, and tough enough to last through hundreds of washings. It can end your expensive paper towel habit for a fraction of the cost. It removes dust without any sprays or added oils, cleans and remove germs with just water, dries sink-loads of dishes, scrubs away grime, and soaks up spills with ease.

But microfiber isn’t just made into cloths. There are soft, terrycloth-like sponges that are perfect for washing baby’s delicate skin or for washing the car without any fear of scratches. Tough scrubbing sponges make short work of baked on grease and food when washing dishes, or scrub away dried jelly spilled on the kitchen floor. Mop pads are made in different textures for every floor type and mopping need – from soaking up a spilled can of soda to applying floor finish without any lint or streaks. Microfiber dusters are perfect for removing cobwebs and dusting the tops of ceiling fans.

Don’t spend any more time drying dishes, dusting, cleaning, or mopping the floor than you need to! Give real, professional quality microfiber a try and you’ll save time and money – so you can spend more time on the important things, like get-togethers with family and friends.

March 06, 2018 — Kim Williams

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