Yes it’s me, Don Aslett, the Cleaning Man from Idaho, reporting in.

In some previous format I cross-contributed with you in the past; maybe a year ago, or five, or even twenty.  I have kept all significant correspondence (and some mail addresses) and figured it a good idea to renew or reply and report in.  Sure hope this update finds you well.  Seems suddenly I’m in my 80’s and still in full enthusiastic pursuit, pushing and preaching the gospel of Clean.  I’ve been married 60 years, all six of my children have productive lives, 21 grand kids, and 13 greats.  Barbara and I have both survived a significant bout with cancer.  We have a dual residency, our ranch in southern Idaho and our maintenance free house (I promised you) in Hawaii (Kauai), plus I own a couple of city blocks in Pocatello, Idaho to sustain my operations.  My cleaning company I started as a college student in 1953, Varsity Contractors, grew to be one of the major maintenance companies in the U.S.  After 62 successful years we just merged with another top company.  I still own and operate several of my other businesses, (Cleaning Center, Marsh Creek Press (books) and a variety of real estate.)  You were probably involved in some of the 6000 media-seminar-television-book sale segments I did in the 1980s, 1990, and later.  Technology has reduced my keynote speaking and other appearances.  I have stepped up my book-writing, working on three more to add to the 41 out “there.”  I have sold a few million books, so writing has been good to me (hopefully) you as well.  I’m working to get them online.  Boy am I behind the times.  Now believe this!  I am deep into writing “productive” poetry, having submitted a poem to a weekly newspaper for the past five years.  I have a “unique” poetry book coming this year (in editing now).  You’ll like it.

               Today the majority of time, money, and other resources have gone into development and operation of the Museum of Clean.  It covers a city block with a mission of selling the value of clean to the world.  Not a how-to-clean but be clean in all aspects of life.  There is 70,000 square feet of display for our 12,000 items, opening a deeper dimension of clean humor, education, inspiration.  We get visitors worldwide.  I give personal tours.  We are a 501-e3 non profit, with top tourist ratings.  (Look us up on web-CBS segment etc.)  well worth a trip or stop by if you’re near Pocatello.  (I’ll give you my latest book.)  Sorry I’m such a tech loser, but hey, just surrendered my 12-year old flip phone.  Luckily I have a grandson to help me operate my new iPhone.  Thank you for your past responses and encouragement.  Life has been and still is exciting.  My bottom line in life is, “I owe,” so I spend full time serving the public community.  Five million miles of travel and 15 businesses later, it is nice to be working 12-hour days in one place now.  I would like to hear from you, email is okay, but I love phone numbers and addresses, letters are even better.  You can be part of all this if I know where you are and what you are doing.


My address                                              or

Don Aslett

               Museum of Clean

711 South 2nd

Pocatello, Idaho  83201

Phone   (208) 236-6906.



My favorite book, “Clutter’s Last Stand,” sold out, so I just reprinted 5000 more this week!


Aloha nui for now

July 26, 2018 — Chance Miller


Sherry Morgan said:

I began following you as a mother with babies. I had to read how to clean a house and your books and sense of humor have stayed with me. I will drag out cluttered last stand and read the true cost of a fireplace/wood stove, which I can’t get through without stopping to breath and wipe my eyes, and rest my stomach from laughing so hard. But, people love it and nod yes to all of it! Your cleaning tips have helped me teach my kids how to clean correctly. You still teach me how to clean better and faster. Thank you for all you do and have done for many years..

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