My home is full of white walls & black doors. I have 4 boys and 2 large dogs. My walls don’t stay white for long and unfortunately our walls take a beating. Our walls have little finger prints, smudges, cobwebs and the baseboards have a collection of dust and hair. Cleaning the walls and doors don’t have to take hours and we have some tips and tricks to make cleaning your walls a breeze. 

Cleaning Bucket Supplies: 


Start from the top and work your way down. For ceilings and tall walls, using a microfiber mop is a game changer. No more climbing on a dining room chair, or pulling out a ladder. Spray a damp microfiber pad with cleaner and wash the walls & ceilings. When your pad gets dirty, rinse it in the sink and continue. Don’t forget the ceiling fan, we don’t want it to spray fine dust on your clean walls. Something that helps you reach your fan is the extendable flexi reach duster. You can bend the pad to make a 'L' shape perfect for wiping down each blade.

Clean the baseboards with the microfiber mop. Running the side of the mop along the top and the front. We purposely make our microfiber pads to have an over hang for this purpose to clean. If your baseboards are extra dusty or covered in hair, vacuum them before cleaning. Getting dust/dirt wet will only cause it to become mud and make it harder to clean. 

Using too much solution will cause dust to stick and collect more dirt quicker. More is not always better. Instead using the proper cleaner will keep walls cleaner longer, and cut down on the scrubbing. You don't want to ruin your walls with junk cleaners that will remove the spot and the paint, or a cleaner that smells good but doesn’t work at all. 

For very dirty walls, use Soilmaster! You can either spray dilution directly on the wall and work in with a wet towel or mop. Or dilute in a bucket of water and use our Hands Free mop to clean the wall like this video shows. Let it dwell 2-3 minutes and then wipe with a sponge or microfiber towel. You may have to repeat this step several times to remove heavy soiled walls. 

Upkeep is key, if you have kids, it's easy to give them a damp microfiber cloth and ask them to wipe the walls. Since they are the ones that make the fingerprints it's easy for them to wipe them up. They usually don’t get everything, but it helps to keep the walls from collecting dirt & grime. If you don’t have help a quick swipe with a damp microfiber cloth on handrails and light switches will really help eliminate the build up and keep the spot from soaking into the wall. 

*We suggest Soilmaster, because it's an all purpose cleaner. Great for all around the house. Use Soil Master to clean inside and outside your home. Perfect for the microwave, oven, countertops, backsplashes, laundry, and even cleaning the walls. Take outside to clean the BBQ grill, driveway, grease stains, and windows. An eco-friendly product, Soil Master contains absolutely NO hydrocarbons, petroleum solvents, bleach, or ammonia. Be sure to follow instructions on the label for proper dilution ratios for each cleaning job!
January 12, 2023 — Marissa Benson

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