Hard Floor Cleaning

Don’t you just love clean shiny floors? We have some tips to make cleaning your floors easier and tricks to keeping them clean. 


Tip #1 : We love microfiber and highly suggest dusting & mopping with a Microfiber Pad. You can read about the benefits of microfiber HERE. It does not just push the germs around, it collects them. We love an eco-friendly product and a microfiber pad can be used hundreds of times. 

Another tip while using the microfiber pad if your floors are super dirty. Rinse your mop pad more often, it will save you time re-mopping your floors. Even better, buy a few extra microfiber pads that you can rotate as you clean so you don't need to stop as often. Last, don’t use more solution than is required. Sometimes we think more is better, but more collects dust and leaves a film on our floors. 

Tip #2: Clean your floors often. They are the most used item in your home. It makes sense that they get dirty quickly, but even just doing a quick cleaning on your floors will save you time and keep your socks white. 

Tip #3: Clean up a spill right away. Don’t let it sit, it's only going to get worse or possibly stain your floor. 

TIP #4: Catch up to 80% of the dirt that enters your house with proper matting at all entrances of your home. Having a mat outside and inside will collect dirt, mud, and snow at your door. Need a high-quality mat? Check these out here.

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Start by sweeping or dusting. Remove all loose dirt and debris before wet mopping, you don't want a muddy mess! Using a rubber broom or dry microfiber pad collect all of the debris on the floor and be sure to pick up any of the big stuff. If you have a vacuum that works on hard floors use that! 

Move the furniture. Yes, it's easier to mop around the chairs, but take the extra two minutes and do it right. Take a minute to wipe the legs and under the furniture where dirty fingers “accidentally” wipe food. 

Your floors are ready to clean using a microfiber mop! *Tip* work in small sections at a time. Wet the microfiber pad by removing it from the velcro base and running it under water and squeeze out the excess water. You want the pad damp, not dripping. Place back onto the base of the microfiber mop. Spray and saturate an area of your floor with your favorite floor cleaner. If you haven't found a favorite yet, try a customer favorite Clean & Brite. It's safe on all floors, doesn't have any build-up, and will help brighten and shine your floors with a nice mild scent. Create a ‘S’ pattern with your mop, starting towards one corner and working back and forth in your section. The first pass you make on your floor you are spreading the solution around. The second pass will clean. If your pad is really dirty from what you have picked up, stop and rinse the pad in the sink and wring out again. 

When you’re finished throw your microfiber pad in the washing machine to clean and it’s ready to use again! 

Don’t forget the baseboards. Using the microfiber mop or a microfiber cloth, run it across the top and front of the baseboards to collect any dust. Using your mop this way helps you reach your baseboards without bending over. Be sure to use a pad that is overlapping your mop base. 


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December 28, 2022 — Marissa Benson
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