Cleaning the bathroom can be gross and most of us don’t get excited about cleaning it. What if I told you we have cleaning tools & solutions that make the job easier! Anyone that switches to using Don Aslett products never regrets it because we make cleaning fun, fast, and easy.

Starting with your Shower or Tub. If you have soap scum and hard water that is giving you problems we have two options that we recommend. 

Showers N’ Stuff This 'STUFF' is powerful! It has a blend of detergents & acids in Showers n' Stuff does the work for you. It quickly dissolves hard water & rust stains, destroying mold and mildew, and breaks down oily, greasy soap scum. Use On: fiberglass tubs and surrounds, porcelain sinks and basins, ceramic tiles and tubs, glass showers and doors. DO NOT USE: on natural stone. Do not let it dwell on chrome fixtures rinse immediately after cleaning. Always turn on a fan or open a window while using it because it has strong fumes as well.

Tub N’ Tile : I recommend this to anyone that is sensitive to smell since this is an eco-friendly solution. It is still very powerful and will remove the hard water and soap scum without the harsh chemical smell. It's a concentrate meaning you will have an empty bottle that comes with the concentrate for you to mix with water and can make up to eight bottles! It sprays a thick foam that clings to the shower walls and glass. To use: Simply spray it on, spread the foam with our Scrub and Switch tool, give it a few minutes, then scrub lightly and rinse! Repeat as needed for the heavy build-up, then maintain your sparkling clean with weekly use. Safe to use on most tubs, showers and sinks but be sure not to use on natural stone.


Bathroom Floors get nasty quickly. Start by vacuuming your floors, I like to use our Miele Triflex. It is a quality cordless vacuum that is built to last! Next, mop your floors using a microfiber mopping pad. 

A small microfiber mop with a swivel head is a must in the bathrooms, and around the toilet, and you can even use it to scrub shower walls! A favorite microfiber mop in the bathroom is the 12-inch Microfiber Mop. This sturdy mop is great for tight spaces. It includes 2 wet/dry microfiber pads and has a 360-degree rotating head. Mop using just water or pair with solution, we suggest a multipurpose cleaner, such as Cactus Blossom. Cactus blossom is a great all-around cleaner but why I like it for cleaning my bathroom floors; it's also an odor neutralizer and will help remove yucky smells! 


Want an all-in-one tool that cleans your mirrors, shower, tub, and counter? We have the Scrub & Switch tool! Scrub it. Switch it. Clean it. The brand-new Scrub & Switch tool has three reusable and interchangeable microfiber pads that can be used with or without the handheld tool. This multipurpose tool can be used to clean all around the bathroom and other areas of your house. One tool, three microfiber pads, six unique textured sides, and endless cleaning possibilities! I like to pair this tool to help spread my cleaning solution on my shower or tub. The best part is these pads are machine washable and you can use over and over!

Next up, the dreaded toilet! We have a kit that removes hard water and icky toilet stains all in an easy-to-store caddy. Our #1 selling bathroom product is our Safety Foam Toilet Kit. This set truly has everything you need. Safety Foam is trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to clean and maintain spotless toilets. Forget about those bristled toilet brushes! Our absorbent bowl swab soaks in Safety Foam, so you can put it exactly where it's needed - saving you money and easily foams up thick, clinging bubbles of cleaner – so you scrub less!

Also, in the kit is our supreme pumice stone that will scrub off the most stubborn toilet bowl rings. All you do is get the stone wet then rub back and forth over the toilet bowl ring and watch it disappear! Pairing Safety Foam and the Pumice stone is not match for hard water!

The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to bathroom tools is The Ultimate Cleaning Combo. Everything you need to clean in one convenient pop-up bucket. Your floors will be spotless with the microfiber mop included or switch your pole to use the interchangeable head with the hard bristle brush to scrub the tile. This attachment also interchanges to a scrub pad to clean the countertops or shower glass. Get corners or hard-to-reach places with the best handheld grout brush. This grout brush is angled just right to get into all the corners around your bathroom. Polish up with microfiber cloths or a streak-free multi-purpose cloth. Store everything in this collapsible bucket or fill it up with water and your favorite cleaning solution. 

December 14, 2022 — Jackie Berryhill

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