I am going to start this blog by saying that I am a vacuum snob. I have tried them all. Dyson, Shark, Kirby, iRobot, and Bissell. I have my favorites and was excited to try a new vacuum. 

I had the opportunity to try the Miele Triflex Cordless vacuum. I have not had the best luck with cordless stick vacuums and feel like they don’t always have the best suction, but I was VERY surprised at the suction of this little vacuum. 

Unboxing was easy. Assembly was a breeze. You get very familiar with this vacuum, taking it apart to change the position of the canister, the use of different configurations, and attachments. It has three levels of suction that are easy to change on the handle, which come in handy and a function that I never knew I needed in a vacuum. 




What's included in the box? 

  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dusting brush with synthetic bristles
  • Upholstery nozzle XXL SPD 20
  • Electric brush Multi Floor XXL SEB 430
  • Wall Mount
  • Power supply unit

The first floor I started vacuuming was my hardwood gym floor. The Triflex was easy to maneuver around the gym equipment and sucked up the hair, dust, and bits of grass that were on the floor. 

I took the Triflex up to my living room, and was amazed at the suction power on the carpet. Not only did it pick up the surface dirt but it picked up hair, and dirt deep into the fibers. I was shocked at what I was able to dump out of the canister and disgusted that my $500 SHARK was not getting all the dirt. 

The best part of the Triflex, it is cordless! Go from room to room without unplugging or maneuvering with the cord. The charge lasted about 20-25 minutes on max suction. 

The canister is small and needs to be emptied often if you have pets or a dusty house. It is easy to empty with a small twist at the top, it releases the bottom. 

I loved the Triflex on the stairs, the tools easily attached and it was light weight. It sucked up the dust and hair from all corners of the stairs. I tried it on my couches, and was very impressed at how it removed the dog hair and dust. What came out of my couches was gross, so much dirt. It filled the canister!

I give this Vacuum 5 out 5 Stars for a cordless stick vacuum. It is convenient and powerful and was a huge improvement over the other stick vacuums I have used. I feel confident recommending this vacuum to my family and friends. If I, the “vacuum snob” , likes the Miele Triflex Cordless vacuum, I know that everyone else will too. 

You can purchase the Triflex HERE. Let us know what you think about this amazing vacuum.

February 16, 2023 — Marissa Benson

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