Baby, it's cold out there! Now is the time to clean and organize the stuff we have been putting off all year long. How do these places always end up so unorganized, even gross?

PANTRY / KITCHEN CUPBOARDS: We are baking through the holidays, we shop a little more and it seems like no matter how organized we try to be it ends up cluttered. We search for that can of beans that you know you bought last week, and oh look, a moldy orange! 

Start by removing all clutter, we don’t have to pull everything out, but enough that you can see the shelves and clean under around items. I love to use a Lambswool Duster on tops of jars and cans. For sticky spills using an all purpose cleaner like Cactus Blossom will help leave a fresh scent and remove those unknown spots. I like using Cactus Blossom as well in my Spray Mop for the floor, and oh that floor is pretty nasty. 

Using baskets will help keep spills contained and keep similar items in the same place. Such as baking supplies, and cooking oils. Now is the time to bring the old items to the front, and donate any old or unwanted food to your local food pantry.  

LAUNDRY ROOM: When was the last time that you pulled your washer and dryer out from the wall? Do you know what is lurking behind and under it? It's probably pretty gross. I found dog toys and TONS of dust. I vacuumed the hoses and cords and removed the stuck on dust with a damp microfiber cloth. I wiped off both machines using an all purpose cleaner Cactus Blossom. I dusted off the shelf and organized my detergents. Using a damp microfiber mop I washed the walls and baseboards, using a small amount of concentrate Soilmaster

STORAGE ROOM/S - These rooms are a drop zone for EVERYTHING that doesn’t have a place. From Holiday decor to the gifts your in-laws gave you three years ago that you don’t know what to do with. Now is that time to organize these storage rooms. Buy plastic bins or cardboard boxes and organize your clutter. Donate or sell items that are unused, if you haven't used it in three years, are you ever going to use it again? 

Dust and clean items with a microfiber cloth before storing. Organize your items for easy access and label everything. 

In this category we can add CLOSETS: Now is a great time to earn some extra cash by selling your unused clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Do you really know what is at the top or bottom of your closet? Remove those nasty smells coming from your gym shoes with XO-Odor Neutralizer. Weird smells coming from your winter coat? Spray X-O on that too. Organize your closets by season or like items, coats and sweaters or short and tank tops. 

CARPETS: After the holidays are over it is the perfect time to clean your carpets. For stains I like to use 3 Way Spotter. If I am using an extractor the combo 2 in 1 and Carpet Rinse and Neutralizer gets the job done. My carpets feel so clean and soft. For information on how to clean your carpets read our blog post. How to Clean Your Carpets like a Pro. After your carpets are cleaned protect them with a mat all all entrances of your home to keep dirt out and dust down.


December 12, 2022 — Marissa Benson


Katherine Chaney said:

Thank you always great cleaning tasks I can add to my daily schedule you sent me also.

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