Top 5 reasons to use a toilet bowl swab while cleaning.

1- Soft on your porcelain thrown.

Hard bristles can scratch and damage your toilet over time. This swab is like a soft mop making your job of cleaning the toilet easier. 

2- Flexible fibers reach all areas of the toilet.

Reach all the nooks and crannies in your toilet with this flexible toilet brush. Nothing is hiding under the toilet rim when you use the Don Aslett bowl swab!

3- Save toilet cleaner by applying directly onto swab!

Do you feel like your dumping money down the toilet, literally, when you’re cleaning? Save money by applying directly onto the swab and letting it disperse the cleaner evenly.

4- Use to lower water level in toilet for optimal cleaning.

Clean like the professionals and expose the hard water lines! Use this bowl swab like a plunger to get the job done right.


5- Keeps hands clean with the attached cone to wring out water.

When you’re finished cleaning, simply slide the plastic cone of the top of the swab and squeeze out the excess water!

January 13, 2023 — Jackie Berryhill

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