After our Swiffer Mop VS Microfiber Mop blog, it was time to compare Spray Mops. We compared three popular spray/wet mops and even had others test them and tell us what they thought too. The three mops we are comparing are the Swiffer Wet Jet, Don Aslett Spray Mop, and the Bona Premium Spray Mop. 

Swiffer Spray Mop: The Swiffer spray mop is easy to assemble. It is lightweight, and great for small spaces, and gross jobs. The solution has a pleasant smell, and I felt like my floors were disinfected after I used it. Unfortunately, it has more cons than pros. The Swiffer has a short handle and is not comfortable to use for long 
periods of time. It requires 2 AA batteries. It has disposable pads and disposable solution tanks, making the Swiffer Spray Mop the least eco-friendly of the three mops. It also is the most expensive mop. One year of the Swiffer spray mop will cost over $100 to use. 


Don Aslett Microfiber Spray MopThe D.A. Spray Mop uses reusable microfiber pads. These large pads are super absorbent. The D.A. Spray Mop has a large water tank (19.5 oz), and an easy pull trigger that releases a nice mist of water, not leaving your floor soaking wet.  The microfiber pads picked up dirt and grass without spreading it around. The base cost of this mop is $39.95 and includes two different purpose microfiber pads, and a rubber scraper to remove junk stuck on the floor.
Bona Premium Spray Mop: The Bona Spray Mop also uses reusable microfiber pads. It is great for huge open spaces. This mop feels durable, but is heavy when the tank is full, (34 oz). VERY HEAVY. The tank has an easy release button to remove and refill the tank but mine sticks and has a hard time releasing. It has rubber corners on the front of the plastic base. The Bona Spray mop retails for $41.95 and includes only one microfiber pad. 


My home has four boys & two large dogs. I have LVP flooring in every major traffic way and they get dirty. I clean my floors often and was excited to get to test these three mops on my floors. 

Because the Swiffer is not eco friendly & costs over double the price of the Don Aslett Spray Mop and the Bona Premium Spray Mop, we are going to rank it lowest on our list and get it out of here! I don't have extra money for replacement pads every time I need to clean my floors.

The Don Aslett Mop & the Bona Mop are very similar, and truly it comes down to the details of these two mops. They are both great choices, and get most mopping jobs done for about the same price. 

The Don Aslett mop has an aluminum base that makes the mop lightweight and easy to use. The Bona Spray mop has a plastic base with rubber corners that actually did nothing, they did not make things easier to clean, they did not lift up on the baseboard as one of the ads described. The bona mop has a base of 16.5 inches. The Don Aslett mop pad is 15.75 Inches.  Both mops had a secondary handle, it is a soft pad that is easy to grip. The Bona handles are a bit larger, but they are needed as the Bona mop is much heavier. Another individual that tried all three mops said if she mopped with the Bona, she'd be tired after. I don't disagree. 

The Don Aslett mop comes with two microfiber pads, the Bona mop comes with one. Both maps have replaceable pads that you can purchase separately as well as extra solutions to use with your mop. 

They both cleaned my floor and passed the test of winter snow & mud on my hard floors. Although the Bona mop did not glide over my floors as easily as the Don Aslett Spray Mop. If I did not have the pad soaked of solution on the Bona mop pad, it was sticky and hard to push. Both mops have an easy to use trigger and the best part, NO BATTERIES! 

So who's the winner? The Don Aslett Spray Mop. I love that it includes the scraping tool, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver around the toilet and my kitchen chairs. I even gave one to my mom for Christmas. She loves it too. The large tank on the Don Aslett Spray Mop is enough liquid to completely clean my floors. 



I really enjoyed trying the different mops and seeing what works best for my home and my needs, and I suggest the Don Aslett Spray mop to all my friends! 

February 08, 2023 — Marissa Benson

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