Do you feel like you are ALWAYS cleaning your floors? Here are three tips for cleaning those hard floors. 

#1 Mat Entrances:

Protect your floors. Proper matting is the number one housework prevention. Putting a mat on the inside and outside of each exterior door, will save you time cleaning, but also protect your floors from wear and tear. They pull the soil from the bottom of your shoes as soon as you enter. They absorb water, slush, road salt, and mud. 

To maintain your mat:

Outdoor shake mats often and hose off if needed.

Indoor mats can be vacuumed or swept. If they are very dirty you can spot treat stains or even carpet clean them.

#2 Use the right tools: A Microfiber Mop

Microfiber attracts dirt, hair and germs, they are safe to use on all floor types, and there are many different types of pads for every job. From tough muddy tiles to dusty hardwood you can find a pad for the job. 

A reusable microfiber mop pad is eco-friendly. They can be used hundreds of times with or without a cleaning solution. They are safe for our health and our house! 

To learn more about microfiber CLICK HERE

#3 Use the right Solution: Clean & Brite

Our favorite floor cleaner is Clean & Brite. Not only does it clean our floors but is really does brighten them. The pH neutral formula of Don Aslett’s Clean n’ Brite is gentle enough for every hard floor type – from vinyl, tile, and linoleum to fine hardwood, stone, and marble. But what sets it apart from other “all hard floor cleaners” is that it’s tough enough to clean up messes other floor cleaners can’t touch and it visibly brightens and improves the look of every floor with optical brighteners. Order your Clean & Brite HERE.

November 23, 2022 — Jackie Berryhill

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