Clean Your Carpets Like A Pro!

Quick Tips:

  • Vacuum very WELL! 
  • Spot clean and pre-treat high traffic areas. 
  • Use hot water in your carpet cleaner. 
  • Don’t use too much solution. More is NOT always better! 
  • Deep clean your carpets twice a year. 
  • Clean spills as soon as they happen. Always have a stain remover on hand. 

Clean carpets not only look better, but they feel better and last longer. How do you clean your carpets like a professional?  Let’s start with the prep work! 

Move furniture, pet beds, toys, cords, and pick up any small items off the floor that the vacuum will not pick up. You will be surprised at what you find under the furniture. I found a stick, hanger, and jelly beans from Easter! 

Vacuum the floor VERY well. Go over the floor two or three times and make sure you get as much dust and dirt as possible from deep in the carpet pad. You don’t want to shampoo your floors and create mud. 

This was after I vacuumed twice, don't turn this into mud! 

  • Optional step, vacuum and wash baseboards. We don’t want dust, pet hair, and dirt falling on our clean carpets. Quickly vacuum your baseboards and use a damp cloth to wipe them off. 

Remove air registers. It is easier to clean under the register than around it. Now is a great time to vacuum and clean out those vents, too. 

Open windows, turn on a fan and create a well ventilated area that will allow the carpet to dry quickly. 

Spot clean those stains! Using 3-Way Spotter or Stain and Odor Remover, spray the large stains and heavy traffic areas. For dark or old spots use the Handi Groom tool to agitate the spot or use a carpet rake. These solutions work to penetrate and loosen tough stains such as food stains, vomit, pet stains, and tracked-in dirt before you start carpet cleaning. 

Pre-treat and shampoo your carpet using 2 in 1 solution in your carpet cleaner. Mix 2 oz. of 2 in 1 solution per 1 gallon of warm/hot water. This solution is removing trapped dirt and odor and trapped allergens from your carpet. We don’t just want clean carpets, we want sanitized carpets. Using your carpet cleaner, make sure you are extracting as much water as you can. Don’t leave your carpets soaking wet. 


Now that you have shampooed and cleaned your carpet, your final step is to neutralize and rinse your carpet. Fill your carpet cleaner again with warm/hot water and add Carpet Rinse and Neutralizer. Mix 2 oz. of Carpet Rinse and Neutralizer per gallon of water. Using your carpet cleaner you are rinsing away any chemical residue and bringing your carpets to a neutral state. This will avoid chemical buildup, yellowing of your carpets, and bring that amazing fresh scent to your floors! 

Customer Testimonial: After I used the Rinse and Neutralizer solution, my carpets felt clean. They did not feel stiff or crunchy like other name brand cleaners I have used. My carpets feel new again! 

Let your floors dry.  Avoid putting furniture back and walking on the carpet while it is wet or even damp. Keep windows open, and fans on to keep the airflow moving. 

`Use these products for Optimal Results! 

Spot Treatment: 

Clean It Stain and Odor Remover 


3 Way Spotter

Carpet Cleaner:




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    • Great post! I have always had a carpet cleaning come in and use hot water but I have never thought of using it myself! Thanks for the heads up!

      Addie on
    • Great post. the Don Aslett’s 3-way carpet spotter is the way to go. do you have a youtube channel as well?

      Jesse on
    • Thank you for sharing these important carpet cleaning tips. They are quite useful and functional. I’m definitely going to try it. The way you explained it was excellent. It was useful. Post more thoughtful advice frequently.

      Freddy Ibarra on

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