Tips to Maintain your Carpet 

Mat every entrance: Up to 40 pounds of dirt enters your home through the doors. A high quality professional mat will stop 80% of the dirt, dust, pollens and pollutants that get tracked in.

Product: Indoor Mat / Outdoor Mat

Use a high quality vacuum: Properly taking care of your carpets means removing the soil regularly. A quality professional strength vacuum will get the deep down dirt that regular vacuums won’t. Parts and tools are made more durable and made for longevity. Make sure to maintain your vacuum with regular tune-ups to ensure suction and airflow is proper. 

Product: Sebo Vacuum 

Spot treat your carpet: As soon as a spill happens, treat it immediately! Most stains are not just surface level. Be sure to agitate carpet while cleaning the spot to get to the bottom of the fibers. 

Product: Stain & Odor Remover

Carpet Clean Yearly: Carpet cleaning keeps the dirt and dust from tearing away at the fibers in the carpet, which ultimately makes them look better and feel softer for a longer amount of time. 

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens, which ultimately helps your family breathe easier and reduces the risks of colds and other health problems.

Product: Carpet Cleaning Solutions

June 09, 2022 — Jackie Berryhill
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