There are products that are life savers in the cleaning world that we never knew we needed. Products that seem unnecessary or even silly. But once you use it you can't live without it. Here are four of my favorites.

First on our list of the game changing products, the Mop Slippers. No more wet socks. No more cleaner on the bottom of my feet. No more footprints on the floors. 

Wear them to clean the dust off the floor without bending over. Use with or without a cleaner. The bottom is detachable, and they are machine washable. They are comfortable and fun to wear. Make cleaning FUN!

The SCRAG, I can't say enough good things about the SCRAG. How did I ever live without the SCRAG?

The Scrag attaches to the corner of a cloth or rag. Multi-purpose cleaning tool that can be used with or without a cleaning cloth clipped on. The rounded edge scrapes dishes, aids in laundry and carpet spot removal, and gets into hard to reach nooks and crannies. Squared edge gets into tight corners. Half circle notch cleans oven and bbq racks. 

No Drip Window Squeegee. The name says it all! An all-new product that will make cleaning windows a breeze. The all-in-one squeegee has a refillable solution container and spray trigger. A foam scrub to remove stuck-on dirt and hard water spots. Extendable pole for those tall windows, and a rotating head. As you clean your windows or mirrors this unique tool collects the dirty solution or water, no dripping mess! 

Last of our favorite products are the large Cleaning Mitts. They are so convievent for washing the car or cleaning my tile shower! Use the cleaning mitts with the power of microfiber when cleaning, washing, and dusting around your house. It's also great for cleaning and waxing your car. Keep one for the inside of your car for general dusting and cleaning the windows. Use the other for all the exterior jobs. These large mitts hold TONS of liquid and are the only cloths I am using to wash my car. 

What are your favorite unique products? Don Aslett has so many amazing products, check out other favorites here


September 28, 2022 — Marissa Benson

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