As we are shopping online or standing in the cleaning isle, staring at assorted cleaners, we wonder what these cleaning terms are. Eco- Friendly? What does eco-friendly even mean? I have a nasty mess, will it even work? 

Eco-friendly cleaning products mean the solution itself will cause no harm to the environment. It does not mean the product does not contain chemicals, most likely they do. But these chemicals are not inherently harmful to the environment or you. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products should not contain hazardous chemicals. Because of this they are likely to cause fewer health risks. They are also, typically, much safer for use around people with an illness or a weakened immune system. They are usually safer to use around kids and pets as well. 

Nobody likes the strong smell from bleach or alcohol products. I burned my nose from too much bleach when I was in my 20’s while cleaning a dirty bathroom, years later I still feel that pain! In addition to improving the air quality in your home, using eco-friendly products will also improve the overall smell in your home. You don’t have to open all the windows and turn the fan on after you clean. 

You can breathe easier, (see what I did there) knowing that the scents you are breathing in are made from natural ingredients that will keep your home smelling pleasant.

Eco-friendly cleaners will usually get the job done the first time. Remember they still have chemicals in them that help break down soil and grease. A little goes a long way, spray your solution and let it dwell 1-2 min. Let the cleaner do the work. We have many eco-friendly tools that can be used over and over again. Saving you money, and also the landfills from unnecessary garbage. 

   Our favorite eco-friendly products:    


   XO Odor Neutralizer

   Total Tub N’ Tile

   Our favorite eco-friendly tools: 

   Lambswool Duster

   Scrub and Switch 

   Microfiber Cloths 

September 14, 2022 — Marissa Benson

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