Is there anything better than a clean car? 

As much as I love the convenience of the drive through car wash, it doesn't compare to hand washing your car. It seems like my car just sparkles and stays cleaner a little longer with a hand wash. Don Aslett has some fantastic products that actually work and are convenient. 

My favorite solution to wash my car with is Soilmaster. It removes the dirt and bugs from the car without leaving a film, like dish soap. It even removed sticky brake dust. Soilmaster is eco-friendly, and safe for your car, boat, motorcycle, or camper trailers! Take out your floor mats and wash them with Soilmaster as well. 

Using the Microfiber Mitts, which allow you to clean your car without the elbow grease. The absorbent Microfiber Mitts trap the water and solution. It allows you to continuously scrub and make less trips to the water bucket. 

Microfiber Cloths for drying are a must. Remove the water quickly without scratching the clear coat. Using Polishing Cloths on your glass and chrome will make it sparkle. 


Moving our way to the inside, start with removing

all the large trash. I like the start in the back and move to the front of the vehicle. Vacuum and remove all the dust and crumbs. We suggest the Triflex cordless stick vacuum cleaner with high-performance vortex technology. High suction, and portable this vacuum gets into the small places. 
If you have stains or spots on your cloth interior or floor, 3-Way Spotter removes tough stains and smells amazing, it removed the toughest mud and food stains. 

For all hard surfaces and leather seats, Multi Purpose Cleaner & Polish does the trick. It does not leave a greasy residue, but leaves a clean and shiny surface. 

For air vents and those deep crevices that collect dust, a Lambswool Duster works great. It traps the dust and does not just spread it around. Collect the dust and shake it off outside. 

Weird smell coming from the back seat? X-O is an ideal combination of mild  cleaner and natural odor eliminator - safe and effective to spray in the air or directly on hard surfaces or fabrics. Take away funky smells and leave your car smelling fresh. 

We know you have thousands of options for vehicle cleaning, these products aretried and true and save you time cleaning your car. Looking for the basic car cleaning kit? Check out this Car Cleaning Bundle, that includes a collapsible bucket. Enjoy cleaning your car again, and the satisfaction of a job done right! 
October 27, 2022 — Marissa Benson

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