I put Soilmaster to the test, and cleaned everything from the stove to the car. This magic solution cleaned without endless hours of scrubbing, or a harsh chemical smell that burns your nostrils for days. 

Is it safe to use Soilmaster around my house? Yes! I used Soilmaster to spot clean in my home. I used a microfiber cloth and went to work on light switches, that had sticky fingerprints, cupboard handles, and the tracks in my windows and sliding doors that were covered with dirt. 

"Spray the cloth sparingly and use it to wipe the object" Don Aslett

What did Soilmaster work best on? I found that Soilmaster worked best on my stove top and bbq grill. It took off stuck on grease and burned food, that have been there for years. I let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing. I used a scrub pad and hard bristle brush. For the bottom of my stove I repeated this step twice, it had a thick layer of charred food that had dripped.

Can I use Soilmaster on glass? I used Soilmaster on outdoor windows, that had dried rainwater spots, dirt, and bird poop. I mixed Soilmaster 3 oz/1 gallon of water. I used the tools included in the Ultimate cleaning combo, which includes the long extensions. I was able to reach up high and scrub the entire window. I used a Squeegee to remove the solution and water and my windows were clean. No streaks and it removed the water spots. 


Do I need to dilute Soilmaster? Yes & No. It depends on the project. I found that certain substances like grease needed full strength solution, but it was not needed for washing my car. I was able to dilute Soilmaster 6 oz/1 gallon while washing the car and motorcycle, stuck on bugs were easily removed. You can buy soil master full strength or ready to use. 

"Let the cleaning chemical or solution do most of the work. The molecules in it are moving, just like your body does when you clean. Once a solution hits a surface it begins its job of softening, dissolving, and removing the soil, and the more it does, the less you have to do" Don Aslett, No Time to Clean 

Is Soilmaster used on all surfaces? No, Soilmaster can be used on nearly all water safe surfaces walls, concrete, countertops and more. It is not recommended for granite or marble. I used this solution on cleaning a grease stain from a pair of jeans and to my surprise, the grease came out. 

What is in this magic solution that makes it so versatile? An organic heavy duty degreaser made from orange and other citrus peels.

What are other people are saying about Soilmaster? 

"Soil Master is magic. Used full strength on stove top and it melts away burned on grease. I love it and use the" ready to use", in the bathroom instead of all other cleaners I have used in the past. It is all I need for regular cleaning. No more one cleaner for sinks another for stove etc."
 - Joan
"The best degreaser... Hands down for the win!!!"
- Angela


August 04, 2022 — Marissa Benson

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