"The time rewards of efficient cleaning are real, and the busier you are, the more you'll appreciate them." - Don Aslett - Is there life after housework?

Does it feel like you are cleaning all the time? Here are five time saving tips that Don Aslett wrote about in his book, “No Time to Clean.” There are thousands of time saving tips, but here are the most basic and simplest tasks that work for any household, large or small. 

#1 Protect your floors: 

  • Remove shoes at the door. 
  • Spot-treat stains as soon as they happen. 
  • Use a Mat at all entry ways. Stop dirt from entering your home. 

Professional indoor and outdoor mats are a must! Reduce the amount of dirt and dust you have to clean up by preventing it from even entering. A professional astro turf mat will scrape shoes and trap dirt at the same time. 

#2 Prepare before you start: 

  • Round up the right tools and solutions before you start. 
  • Carry all your supplies. Using a bucket or caddy keep your supplies with you. 

Here is a starter kit bundle, that has all your tools in one place. 

#3 Make Cleaning Last Longer:

  • After you clean your stove and your kitchen, cook outside on the BBQ grill or smoker. 
  • Change the air filters often to avoid airborne soil and reduce dust. 
  • Don’t allow food outside of the kitchen or dining room, keep the mess to one area. 

#4 Remove Clutter & Dejunk: Cut housework in half! 

  • Assign everything to a place. Ex. Tools are always in the tool box, pens always in the drawer. Always put back things you get out to its assigned place. 
  • Get rid of broken or non functioning items. They take up space and end up just laying around. 

#5 Practice “Keep Up Cleaning”

  • When something spills, don’t wait to clean it up before it hardens and takes twice as long to remove the mess. 
  • Clean up as you go when cooking. 
  • Close closets, drawers, and cupboards before you leave a room.
  • If you get something out. Put it away. 

Try implementing these simple tips next time you clean to save yourself time. 

August 29, 2022 — Marissa Benson


Jackie said:

Long, long ago I had a video of Don that his wife requested he do and I loved it. I have implemented his ideas for decades now and refer to him often. Has he made a more recent video? I work with young women and see such a need for them to get control of their homes/apartments and so so many don’t even know the purpose of a beater bar on a vacuum…. or even how to USE a vacuum. Most of them are needy and wouldn’t be able to afford to buy top quality products (food is higher on the priority list), but I feel like they’d benefit so much from a short course on the basics of cleaning, dejunking and maintaining a home.

I would appreciate your input so much.

Jeannine said:

Would appreciate tips for those of us disabled and in wheelchairs, it my case, I have to use a desk chair and have no help at home.

Linda Egbert said:

Loved these suggestions. It is nice to hear from a professional. I would like specific, great ideas for de-odorizeing the dishwasher and disposal. Somebody burned something in the microwave and even tho I cleaned it thoroughly, it still has a burned smell. Could it be in the pipes?…
(if it even HAS pipes.)
What filters were you thinking of in your message…the heater filter?
Are you still located in Idaho Falls? I sure do hope so!

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