Before you know it, your carpeted stairs are matted, dirty, and look worn out. Stairs are a high traffic area that needs more attention than we usually give. High traffic stairs should be vacuumed once a week, and shampooed 2-3x a year. 

First Step is use the Handi Groom tool or a stiff bristled brush on each stair. This lifts stubborn dirt from the base of the carpet fibers and breaks up matted carpet. We suggest doing each stair several times if they are very worn, or have never been cleaned before.  

Vacuuming is the most important step! Vacuum each stair very well. Using the vacuum crevice tool for all the edges and corners.  Vacuum your stairs 2-3x. We don’t want to add water to dirty floors, that makes mud!  Vacuum and wash baseboards, walls and railings as well, this creates a clean area and will avoid dust and hair falling on your clean stairs. 

Spot clean those stains! Using 3-Way Spotter or Stain and Odor Remover, spray the large stains and heavy traffic areas. For dark or old spots use the Handi Groom tool to agitate the spot. These solutions work to penetrate and loosen tough stains such as food stains, vomit, pet stains, and tracked-in dirt before you start carpet cleaning. 

Now it's time to pull out your carpet cleaner! Pre-treat and shampoo your carpet using 2 in 1 solution in your carpet cleaner. Mix 2 oz. of 2 in 1 solution per 1 gallon of warm/hot water. This solution is removing trapped dirt and odor and trapped allergens from your carpet. We don’t just want clean carpets, we want sanitized carpets. Using your carpet cleaner, make sure you are extracting as much water as you can. Don’t leave your carpets soaking wet. 

You have shampooed and cleaned your carpet, your final step is to neutralize and rinse your carpet. Fill your carpet cleaner again with warm/hot water and add Carpet Rinse and Neutralizer. Mix 2 oz. of Carpet Rinse and Neutralizer per gallon of water. Using your carpet cleaner you are rinsing away any chemical residue and bringing your carpets to a neutral state. This will avoid chemical buildup, yellowing of your carpets, and bring that amazing fresh scent to your floors! 

Let your floors dry.  Avoid walking on the carpet while it is wet or even damp. Keep windows open, and fans on to keep the airflow moving. We suggest cleaning your stairs at night before you go to bed, to give time to dry! 

`Use these products for Optimal Results! 

Spot Treatment: 

Clean It Stain and Odor Remover 


3 Way Spotter

Carpet Cleaner:




July 21, 2022 — Marissa Benson

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