Don Aslett Window Combo Squeegee w/ Extension Pole

$24.95 $28.95

The Window Combo Squeegee is 2 in 1 and is a unique design with a microfiber sleeve on one side and a rubber squeegee on the other. Use the absorbent microfiber to wash the glass, and remove stuck-on dirt or hard water spots. Next use the rubber squeegee blade that will give you professional results with a streak-free shine. When you are done cleaning your glass, throw the microfiber sleeve in the washing machine. The microfiber cloth has a velcro attachment for easy removal and assembly. 

The comfortable handle attaches to a telescopic pole. Reach those high windows with ease. Ideal for residential or commercial use, this squeegee design is made for those dirty windows or glass showers. Want to use the tool separately? The squeegee is removable. Use the Ultimate squeegee on mirrors, glass showers, cars, indoor/outdoor windows, and more. 

  • Comfortable handle with telescopic pole. 
  • Removable microfiber sleeve, that is machine washable. 
  • Streak-free shine with a rubber squeegee.
  • Quality materials. 
  • Lightweight design, for all users. 

Squeegee and washer combo tools make cleaning your windows effortless.

Squeegee and extension pole total length: 5.5 feet/ 66 inches

Removable microfiber sleeve that is machine washable.

You can replace the squeegee with an Ettore blade. You have to bend the punches on the metal with a flathead screwdriver to remove the blade.