Stone Pro Ultimate Pro Nano Sealer- Seal Granite Countertops


Our best impregnating sealer for GRANITE and DENSE STONE

This deep penetrating solvent based sealer offers the highest level of protection against stains from oil and water. The most advanced technology currently available for stain protection. Non-flammable and safe for food preparation surfaces.

ADVANCED FLUOROPOLYMER PROTECTANT combined with our proprietary HYBRID CARRIER TECHNOLOGY yields a unique solvent-based sealer that offers the highest level of protection and is V.O.C. compliant. The best of both worlds.

Will not change the color or appearance of the stone surface. Non-yellowing, UV stable, long-lasting formula.

Covers - 50 to 100 square feet per pint based on the texture of the surface.


Size: 1 pint Nano Sealer

2- Pocket Cloth Microfiber