Don Aslett Indoor Needle Rib Rug



If you're looking for a long-lasting indoor mat you have come to the right place. This Needle Rib mat is an excellent shoe scraper/wiper. Needle-Rib will get rid of the dirt while retaining water so fewer contaminants enter your home. The high-quality vinyl backing protects your floor underneath and doesn't allow moisture to penetrate through.

  • Linear ribbed pattern on vinyl backing that traps moisture and protects floors
  • Quick-drying and fade resistant
  • Retains moisture for increased cleaning efficiency
  • Surface made from 50% P.E.T. recycled fiber
Material: Vinyl Backing- ThermoFlex D.I.N.P – Free PVC

Fiber: Polypropylene and Polyester

Thickness: 5/16"

Disclaimer on Mats/Rugs- We try our best to photograph the mats with correct lighting to showcase the color and style. Each mat will vary in look on different floor types and shades of color. Please measure your area for desired mat/rug before purchasing and find the best color/style that suits you. If you receive the mat and are not happy with the color or size, you must follow our return policy by paying for shipping to return the mat.