Instant Power Bathroom Bundle

  • $24.95
  • Save $3.35

Three power items to have in your bathroom! 

Heavy Duty Drain Opener: 

Powerful dual hydroxide formula dissolves hair clogs and creates heat to melt grease. Great alternative to sulfuric acid drain openers.

Can be used in businesses, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, apartment complexes and homes.

Use in sinks, tubs, showers, and RV’s. Safe on all pipes and septic system.

Toilet Tank Cleaner:

Periodic cleaner effectively clears the buildup of potentially damaging deposits, such as calcium & rust, that can affect the moving parts of a toilet tank. The strong citric acid formula removes hard water deposits and other stains in the toilet tank.

*Remove any bleach-type cleaner or device from the toilet tank or bowl.
Mixing bleach with citric acid can create dangerous chlorine gas.*

Bio-Enzymatic Drain Sticks:

After your drain is clear, drop a drain stick down to slowly dissolve over time to help prevent clogs. One stick contains billions of enzyme-producing bacteria that are needed in your sink. The bio-enzymatic formula breaks down soap scum, food, grease, and organic matter while eliminating unpleasant drain odors. Concentrated sticks are safe on all pipes and not only safe for septic systems but beneficial! Can be used in any drain in the household, RV's and marine vehicles.


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