BULK CASE: Don Aslett Clean & Brite – 4 GALLONS

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A Blend Of Cleaners & Optical Brighteners To Enhance The Natural Shine Of Hard Floors

Don’t risk dulling or damaging your hard floor with harsh cleaners or acidic homemade concoctions, instead reach for Don Aslett’s Clean n’ Brite, the trusted choice of professional cleaners and homeowners. Its gentle, pH-neutral formula is perfect for all types of hard floors, including tile, vinyl, linoleum, and wood.

Not only will Clean n’ Brite get your floor clean, but it also improves color and shine with the help of optical brighteners.  It is a favorite in areas with harsh winters because it easily and effectively removes white stains left by ice melt.  Even removes hard water residue – those dull whitish-grey stains that seem to disappear while wet, but reappear when dry and won’t wipe off – often found around pet water bowls and near sinks. Clean n’ Brite requires no rinsing and even removes the dulling residue left by other floor cleaners.

Choose Clean n’ Brite. It does what other floor cleaners can’t.

  • Gentle pH neutral formula is safe for all hard floors
  • Optical Brighteners bring out the best color shine
  • Removes hard water residue around water dishes, in the bathroom, and near sinks
  • Removes ice melt residue
  • Won’t build up – and removes sticky, dull residue left by other cleaners

Contains 1 gallon of concentrated cleaner

Also Available in RTU Size: To Purchase Clean & Brite in RTU Size Click Here

Directions for use:

For general floor cleaning: Dilute 2 ounces of concentrate per quart of warm water, or 8 ounces per gallon.

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Made in the USA