BULK CASE: Don Aslett TUB N' TILE Concentrate - 12 count

$150.00 $179.40

Case Count 12 CONCENTRATE Quart Bottles

1 concentrate bottle makes = 8 ready to use bottles

This CASE will make 96 ready to use bottles 

Do harsh fumes from other bathroom cleaners leave you coughing? Do you wonder how you’ll ever get your bathroom sparkling clean when everything that removes hard water or soap scum makes you feel like you’re going to die?

Don’t give up! Don Aslett’s Tub n’ Tile was made to power through soap scum, dirt, and hard water – without irritating fumes or harming the environment. You can have those perfectly clear, like-new glass shower doors, glossy and flawless tile, and sparkling sinks and tubs without choosing between a gas mask or a coughing attack! Professional strength Tub n’ Tile sprays out as a thick foam that clings to vertical surfaces – those tile walls, shower doors, and tub sides – so instead of running off and doing nothing, it stays put, giving the environmentally responsible formula time to attack and break down tough bathroom gunk. Simply spray it on, spread the foam, give it a few minutes, then scrub lightly and rinse! Repeat as needed for the heavy build-up, then maintain your sparkling clean with weekly use.

  • No harsh odors or fumes
  • Concentrate mixes with water to make up to 8 quarts! Follow the directions to get the strength you need
  • Quickly and safely removes soap scum, body oils, dirt, and hard water
  • Environmentally friendly

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