Don Aslett Complete Toilet Set - Foam N Flush - Eco-Friendly



If you worry about harsh toilet bowl cleaners hurting you, your septic system or the environment try Don Asletts’s Foam n’ Flush. The patented organic acid toilet bowl cleaner dissolves tough hard water rings, cleans, brightens, and deodorizes – all without irritating harsh fumes. And once it’s done the job of cleaning, you can flush with peace of mind, knowing it’s biodegradable, and won’t harm the pipes, or your septic system.

Foam n’ Flush is a liquid formula made to be used with a Johnny mop – so you can squirt a little on the mop, then swirl and scrub up a thick, clinging foam that sticks where you put it, putting the organic acid to work cleaning your toilet bowl while you take a break! Once it’s had a few minutes of “dwell time,” just give it a quick scrub and flush!

  • Biodegradable organic acid formula
  • Fume-free, so it’s great for people with asthma or chemical sensitivities
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Quick-foaming formula to make toilet cleaning easier
  • Not for use on sinks, tubs, showers, marble, or granite

Safety Foam Toilet Cleaner vs. Foam and Flush read here.

Kit Contains:

One 32oz bottle

One Pumice Stone

One Caddy

One Johnny Mop


    Start by lowering the water level – using the Johnny Mop plunge water down the throat of the toilet. After 10-12 motions, the trap in the throat of the toilet should open and empty the bowl without flushing. This will allow the water level to stay low for improved cleaning.

    Apply approximately 1 oz of Foam N Flush to the Johnny Mop. Agitate the Johnny Mop inside the toilet bowl and up under the rim, paying particular attention to the water ring. The high foaming action will allow Foam N Flush to cling to the inside of the bowl, lengthening dwell time so the chemical stays in contact with the soil longer, improving cleaning action.

    Allow Foam N Flush to stay inside the toilet bowl for 4-7 minutes, depending on the severity of the water ring (For heavy build-up, a pumice stone or may be required to remove water ring and build up under the rim.)

    Store Foam ‘N’ Flush and Johnny Mop.

    Keep Away From Children

    NOTE: Not for use on colored porcelain


    • Wet the stone
    • Work it over the ring
    • Rub on the lines under the rinsing holes
    • Don’t forget under the rim

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