BULK CASE: Don Aslett Clean & Brite Floor Cleaner Concentrate - 12 count

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A Blend Of Cleaners & Optical Brighteners To Enhance The Natural Shine Of Hard Floors.

Introducing our revolutionary concentrate cleaner that is not only effective but also highly economical. With just one bottle you can make a whopping 16 bottles of cleaner. It's an unbeatable deal for a sparkling clean home.

Experience the power of our concentrate cleaner - it cleans better, saves you money, and lasts longer.

Do you have linoleum in the kitchen, laminate in the living room, ceramic tile in the bath, and natural stone in the entry but don’t want a closet full of specialty hard floor cleaners? The pH neutral formula of Don Aslett’s Clean n’ Brite is gentle enough for every hard floor type – from vinyl, tile, and linoleum to fine hardwood, stone, and marble. But what sets it apart from other “all hard floor cleaners” is that it’s tough enough to clean up messes other floor cleaners can’t touch and it visibly brightens and improves the look of every floor with optical brighteners! So if you have stubborn ice melt residue on easily damaged slate tile, or impossible to scrub off hard water by the dog’s water dish on wood, or dull-looking vinyl in the kitchen, Clean & Brite is exactly what you need!

  • SAFE ON FLOORS: Clean and bright is a very gentle pH-neutral formula with no detergents so it is safe for all hard floors – from vinyl, tile, and linoleum to fine hardwood, stone, and marble. One ready-to-use floor cleaner for all your hard floors!
  • BRIGHTENS FLOORS: It provides optical brighteners to bring out the best color and shine. Watch it transform your dull floors and bring them back to life.
  • NO BUILD-UP: It will not build up and cause a film on the floor like other floor cleaners.  Clean and bright helps remove sticky, dull residue or even hard water stains and ice melt left on the floors.
  • LONG LASTING: Between the concentrate and empty bottle you can make 16 bottles! There is an easy-to-use fill line on the back of the empty bottle.  2 ounces of concentrate per quart bottle. 
  • DIRECTIONS: Sweep or vacuum your floors first. Spray a small section of your floor with Clean & Brite and mop using a CLEAN, damp, microfiber mop. Use an ‘S’ motion while you mop back and forth to spread the solution. No rinsing is required and your floors will dry with a beautiful shine.

Also Available in Gallon Size: To Purchase Clean & Brite in Gallon Size Click Here

Directions for use:

For general floor cleaning: Dilute 2 ounces of concentrate per quart of warm water, or 8 ounces per gallon.

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