Don Aslett 5 Pack Microfiber Pad Assortment 12"/ 18"/ 24"



ASSORTMENT MICROFIBER PADS: You will receive 5 different high-quality microfiber pads. Each is used for different purposes. Use wet or dry to mop and clean hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile (marble, porcelain, ceramic), wood (Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, Beech, Ash & more), kitchen, office bathroom, windows, under the couch, floorboards, for waxing. 

Scrub Pad: This pad is perfect for scrubbing up sticky residue. A thick microfiber loop and a scrubbing nylon loop have been combined on this pad to make it the best choice for stubborn spots. Gentle enough to not scratch any surface, but tough enough to get the job done.

Folded Edge: This is a larger pad that has a folded edge component. This allows the pad, when cleaning edges, to bend and clean double-sided such as baseboards or hard-to-reach areas. Large twisted microfiber loops make this pad high quality with a stiff back pad.

Dust Pad: This is the ultimate dust mop pad to use wet or dry. The chenille microfiber fingers in the center of the pad are soft and bendable to trap dirt or perfect to clean grout lines. The twisted dust loops around the edges capture loose debris in hard-to-reach areas while dust mopping.

Wet/Dry Pad: This pad is a great all-around cleaning pad, but it’s the best choice when applying finishes or waxes with its seamless application. When used, it pulls evenly with little lines left behind. This pad has strands that have been cut and not twisted and have a thick back padding.

Two-tone pad: Our two-tone mop pad features a slightly higher and lower profile of the twisted microfiber giving more absorbency and trapping of dirt. A lightweight back pad makes it easy to wring out in-between hand washes.

Wash Instructions:
-Machine wash cold, wash with like colors and non-linting materials
-No bleach or fabric softener
-Tumble dry low or hang dry
-Do not iron