Don Aslett 3-Way Spotter Gallon - Removes Spots And Odor From Carpet

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Eliminates Carpet Odors, Stains, And Adds Protection With One Application

When you have carpeted floors those messy spills, splashes, plops, and horrible “hidden treasures” from kids, pets, and life, in general, are inevitable.  It’s so easy to end up grabbing the wrong cleaner. It happens to us all. The smell is gone, but a stain remains. Or it looks nice and clean, but in a week it’s managed to grab every bit of dirt and looks awful again. Or you got out the stain, but there is an odor that just won’t go away!

Rather than collect a cupboard of cleaners that each specialize in one thing, get Don Aslett’s Three Way Spotter. This simple product removes stains, gobbles up the odor, and protects your carpet from future messes. That’s because it’s not just a cleaner, it is also contains enzymes that literally “digest” organic spills. To top it off, it contains DuPont’s Zonyl Soil and Stain Protector that makes your carpet resistant to future spills and stains.

Because it is a blend of cleaners, enzymes, and a protector, its perfect for ordinary stains like dirt, food, drink, and mystery messes no one will confess to, as well as the stinky ones everyone dreads - vomit, urine, and feces.

  • A highly effective combination of three common carpet products – stain remover, odor digester, and carpet protector
  • Makes future messes and stains easier to remove with DuPont’s advanced Zonyl Soil and Stain Protector
  • Enzymes break down and destroy odors – even those from urine, vomit, and feces
  • Great for everyday messes like tracked-in dirt or spilled food and drink
  • Ready to Use formula is good to go right out of the bottle – no measuring or diluting needed

Contains 1 gallon

Also Available in RTU Size: To purchase 3-Way Carpet Spotter in RTU size Click Here

Directions for use:

  • Stain Removal (Carpets and Rugs) – Remove as much of the spill as possible from the stained area. Dilute product equally with water and apply to spot by spray or pouring. For darker, heavier stains, use full strength. Fully saturate the area with the solution to penetrate carpet backing. Because spots tend to expand, make sure to cover the entire area thoroughly. Place a clean, white towel moistened with diluted product over the area to keep damp for at least 24 hours. In some cases, repeat treatments may be necessary.
  • General Deodorizing – Spray product directly onto the cause of the odor. For large areas, dilute equally with water, and apply by spray or pouring directly on odor source.

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