Don Aslett Safety Foam Toilet Kit - Clean Like A Pro

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Everything You Need to Clean Your Toilet Like A Pro!

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Hate scrubbing the toilet? Tired of looking all over the house for the things you need to just get your toilet clean? Don Aslett’s Complete Toilet Cleaning Set with Pumice Stone makes it quick and easy!

This set truly has everything you need, all in a convenient carrying caddy. Get one for every bathroom! They are easy to store out of sight under the bathroom sink. Keeps everything you need to be organized and handy. The caddy is even acid resistant, so professional-strength Safety Foam won't damage it.

Safety Foam is our #1 toilet bowl cleaner, trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to get and maintain spotless toilets.

The fluffy Johnny Mop is the perfect tool for every toilet. Forget about those bristled toilet brushes! The absorbent mop soaks in your cleaner, so you can put it exactly where it's needed - saving you money - and easily foams up thick, clinging bubbles of cleaner – so you scrub less!

The pumice stone is exactly what you need to scrub away stubborn hard water and other stains most cleaners leave behind. Simply wet the stone and gently rub over the stain. The grit created quickly and effectively scours away thick hard water deposits and other stains.

  • Everything you need for toilet cleaning is kept organized in one grab-and-go caddy
  • Includes a 32-ounce bottle of Safety Foam
  • The caddy will also hold a 32-ounce bottle of our Foam N' Flush
  • Soft and fluffy Johnny Mop is what professionals choose for quick, easy, and inexpensive toilet cleaning
  • Includes a pumice stone for those otherwise impossible hard water stains

NOTE: Not for use on colored porcelain

Safety Foam vs. Foam N Flush read the blog here.

How to use the Pumice Stone:

  • Wet the stone
  • Work it over the ring
  • Rub on the lines under the rinsing holes
  • Don’t forget under the rim

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