Don Aslett Carpet Cleaning Bundle

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No stain is too big or too tough to stand up against Don's Carpet Bundle!

 When you have carpeted floors those messy spills, splashes, plops, and horrible “hidden treasures” from kids, pets, and life, in general, are inevitable.  Meet 3 Way Spotter the magic enzyme cleaner that makes those little mistakes disappear. 

That’s because it’s not just a cleaner, it also contains enzymes that literally “digest” organic spills. To top it off, it contains DuPont’s Zonyl Soil and Stain Protector that makes your carpet resistant to future spills and stains.

Saturate the area, place one of the included towels, dampened, over the top and let the enzymes work.

Once you have pre-treated the problem areas you'll love our 2-IN-1. Environmentally responsible multi-purpose 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner Concentrate is designed to maximize cleaning efficiency. Use it as a pre-treat to clean high traffic or heavily soiled areas. In the extraction tank, use it as a steam cleaner. Either way, you'll love the results. When pre-treating high traffic area use the Handi Groomer to work the cleaner in and agitate. SDS

  Now on to the home stretch! CARPET RINSE & NEUTRALIZER . Specially formulated product used to rinse the carpet after extraction cleaning, shampooing, or bonnet buffing. This necessary step will remove any residual remaining in the carpet fibers and will help prevent the carpet from oxidizing (turning brown), leaving a pleasant scent. SDS

Excellent for coffee, tea, and light rust stains. Safe on all carpet fibers including wool. Does not contain any optical brighteners. This product neutralizes harsh alkali residues from previous cleanings, removes detergent residues from the fibers, and gives the dry carpet a fresh clean feel.

Includes: 2-In-1 Liter, 3-Way Spotter Liter, Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer Quart, 3 microfiber towels, 1 Handi Groom Rake

Can be added to any carpet extractor.

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