Don Aslett Brushes and Scrubber Combo Set


Scrub a dub dub, brush for kitchen, showers and tub! Four of our favorite brushed in one convenient set! The Scrub Ease pad,  Circular Brush with Scraper, Double Ended Deep clean and Heavy Duty Grout Brush.

 First our Scrub Ease scrubber pad! We recommend this handheld scrubber to just about any customer who needs to clean the shower, tub, sinks, oven, windows and more! A white nylon scrubbing sponge is affixed to a handle for ease of use. Safe for use on porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, and other approved surfaces. Always test in an inconspicuous area before use.

The Circular Brush with Scraper makes dishes and pot and pans a breeze, use the scraper to tackle tough cooked on messes or sticky spills.

The Double Ended Deep Clean Brush has two ends of cleaning power. The larger side is great for targeted scrubbing in most areas where  a grout brush may be too strong, but if you need to really pin point the action, flip it over and the smaller end will do great in areas that need just a little extra special attention.

Finally the Heavy Duty Grout Brush with it's stiff bristles will take care of the most stubborn build up in grout or other slim hard to reach places.

Pair these brushed with our cleaners and you have the recipe for a clean, bright and amazing looking home down the the smallest detail.