Stone Pro Formula 51 - Clean Tile, Grout, Concrete, and More!


Need to deep clean your ceramic tile and grout floors? Or what about your patio pavers? Formula 51 removes grease, grime, soap scum, hard water deposits and food stains.

Endless ways to clean! Use to remove the build-up on the ceramic tile shower. Bring your tile floors back to their normal color again! Remove the grease stains on the garage concrete. Spruce up your garden area by removing the grime from your outdoor pavers. 

Formula 51 contains monoethanolamine. Highly concentrated formula, dilute 4 to 1 with water. Highly alkaline with a pH of 13.

For use on marble, travertine, concrete, masonry, pavers, ceramic tile and grout, porcelain and most natural stone. Will not affect the finish of polished stone.

Formula 51 will not kill mold and mildew. It might remove it during the cleaning process, but you need a disinfectant like TNT to remove it.

How to apply: 

1- Pour Formula 51 into a bucket or spray bottle and dilute as needed based on suggested ratios.

2- Apply using a clean microfiber cloth, grout brush, mop, or sponge depending on the area you're cleaning.

3- Lightly agitate

4- Remove the application by rinsing well with water.

Includes: 1-quart size concentrate bottle