Nilium Odor Neutralizer- Soft Linen

  • $28.95

Provides effective deodorizing power on any water-safe surface. 1 oz. makes 1 gallon of product. Use in mop water, cleaning solutions, add to laundry, add to latex paint or simply add to water and use as a general air freshener. Nilodor Surface Deodorizer Concentrate provides effective deodorizing power. Simply mix one ounce to one gallon of water and apply to any water-safe surface. Spray, mop or wipe and enjoy its neutralizing power.

Includes 2 32 oz Bottles


Mopping or Cleaning: Add 1 oz per gallon with cleaner/disinfectant solution. Severe malordors may require more.

Air Freshener: Add 1-2 oz or Nillium with water per quart spray bottle.

Carpet Care: Pretest for color fastness. Add 1/2 oz of Nilium per gal of carpet cleaning solution. Compatible with all water soluble carpet cleaning chemicals, including fifth generation cleaners.

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