Hair Removal Tool with Squeegee- Rubber Broom and Hand Brush

  • $21.95

Clean up anything from pet hair to dirt and debris with this multipurpose broom and hand brush set. From Don Aslett. For a secure fit, tighten the head as much as possible. The rubber attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood and linoleum like regular brooms can never do. 

  • SUPER EASY CLEANUP: Simply wash away excess cat hair and dog hair on the rubber broom bristles by using soapy water to sanitize and renew. Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenanc
  • BUILT-IN SQUEEGEE EDGE: Cleans windows, showers and windshields with ease. Works great to wipe away liquid spills on tile, concrete or any hardwood surface such as interior flooring or patio decks.
  • Includes steel pole, rubber broom, and rubber hand brush
  • Approximate measurements: Broom 12" x 2" x 59"; Hand brush 10"L
  • Imported

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