Window Wiz Squeegee Blade Kit with Drip Collection

$15.00 $24.95

This all-in-one glass kit will make cleaning glass and windows a breeze. Refillable solution container and spray trigger that helps you disperse evenly on the windows. A foam scrub pad to remove stuck-on dirt and hard water spots. Extendable pole for those tall windows. While you clean your windows, shower or mirrors, this innovative tool efficiently collects the dirty solution or water using its blade in the drip tank. Dump dirty solution when finished.

  • Use with or without the 4 ft. Telescopic pole that is strong and does not flex when fully extended. Remove the head with ease and for those low windows and doors. 
  • Convenient rotating head for precise access. Clean those hard-to-reach window angles by adjusting your swivel squeegee head to fit your space. Press the button, pivot, and release to lock into place. No need to buy multiple window tools this combo window scrubber and squeegee will leave even non-standard windows sparkling clean
  • Refillable solution container and spray trigger attached to the squeegee for an all-in-one cleaning tool. 
  • A foam scrubbing pad is attached to the pole. This scrubbing pad removes hard water spots, bugs, and dirt from your windows.
  • Reduce the dripping mess, this unique tool collects the dirty solution in a separate compartment, and pour it out when you're done.