Don Aslett 10pc Microfiber Garden Set- Kitchen Towels & Cloths

$8.50 $25.25

Drying dishes, cleaning counters, dusting surfaces, and all of your towel needs can be handled by microfiber. This set of 10 microfiber cloths comes with two different sizes to pair better with the tasks they're needed for. Toss them in the washer and drier when you're finished so they're ready for your next day of chores. From Don Aslett.

  • Includes six counter clothes and four dish towels
  • Ribbon trim
  • Measurements: Dishtowels 18" x 24"; Counter cloths 11-1/2" x 11-1/2"
  • 86% polyester/14% polyamide
  • Machine wash, tumble dry; do not iron
  • Imported

Why does Don recommend microfiber over traditional cloths? Read Don's Blog here: Why Microfiber?