Clean Cream - Replacement for Creamy Cleanser!


The upgraded and highly sought-after replacement for our beloved Creamy Cleanser!

Clean Cream is meticulously formulated to effortlessly eliminate a wide range of stains from any washable surface. It's perfect for rejuvenating ceramic and glass-top stoves, as well as removing burnt-on food and grease from ovens. This versatile cleanser is excellent for brightening surfaces and eliminating bathroom stains. From shower doors to tile, sinks to stainless steel, and fiberglass to porcelain, it's ideal for a wide range of surfaces. Polishes as it Cleans has No Harsh Acids or Alkalies and is safe on Fiberglass and Chrome.


We have found you need to use less Clean Cream than our Creamy Cleanser. 

For General Hard Surface Cleaning: Simply apply a small quantity of the product directly onto the soiled surface or onto a cloth or sponge. Gently rub and rinse thoroughly when clean. To prevent any potential scratching on glossy smooth surfaces, it is recommended to apply the product sparingly.

For Cleaning and Polishing Glass Stove Tops: For optimal results, carefully scrape off any stubborn, burnt-on residues. Evenly distribute this product across the entire surface using a soft cloth, applying firm pressure to eliminate stains. Allow it to dry to a slight haze, then effortlessly buff away any remaining residue and soil.

Safe on:

Glass top or ceramic stove tops, ovens, sinks, tubs, tile, stainless steel, chrome, copper, oil rubbed bronze, and most washable surfaces. Can be used on SEALED granite or slate. Do not use on any un-sealed natural stone.

This bundle includes 2 - 32 ounce bottles.

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