Don Aslett Glass Shine Plus - Streak Free Foaming Spray


Glass Shine Plus from Don Aslett is an amazing cleaning product that can make your windows, mirrors, glass or windshields look streak-free and polished. With one simple spray and wipe motion, this foam spray makes it easy to keep various surfaces around your home looking their best all the time. And not only does Glass Shine Plus work great on glass surfaces – it also works safely on glass top stoves and other surfaces.

For best results, make sure to shake the can of Glass Shine before use. Since it is a foam spray, you get more coverage per application than with other cleaning products – meaning you can clean even bigger surfaces in less time

  • Glass Shine Plus is an effective cleaning product for a variety of surfaces including windows, mirrors, windshields, and glass top stoves.
  • This foam spray offers a streak-free finish, leaving your surfaces looking polished and new.
  • Shake the can before use to ensure all the ingredients are mixed together for optimal results.
  • The foam spray format provides more coverage per application than traditional cleaning products, allowing you to clean larger areas in less time.
  • Glass Shine Plus is safe to use, providing a deep clean without causing any damage to your surfaces.