Don Aslett's Wood Floor Restorer 2 Pack – Brings Back The Shine Of Your Hardwood Floors - Don Aslett

Don Aslett's Wood Floor Restorer 2 Pack – Brings Back The Shine Of Your Hardwood Floors

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Restore And Revitalize Your Hardwood Floors

When properly cared for, a wood floor's warm, inviting elegance is easy to clean and will last a lifetime. But a wood floor is only beautiful, durable, and a cinch to clean when its protective finish is in good shape.

Over time, dust, dirt, paws, and feet wear away the essential protection of wood’s finish. When left too long, grit can damage the wood itself. Even worse, moisture can penetrate the poor seal and cause discoloration, warping, peeling, and even rot.

The hard solution is total sanding and refinishing – an expensive, dusty, time-consuming job.

The easy solution is Don Aslett’s Renewing Finish for Wood Floors. This easy-to-apply, waterborne urethane protects and enhancers a floor's original polyurethane seal.

Not only will your floor be protected from wear & moisture, Renewing Finish restores vibrancy and shine, so cleaning takes less effort looks even better when you’re done.

  • For polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Gives vibrancy and shine to worn, dull floors
  • Easy to use, waterborne urethane formula
  • Protects against wear and moisture
  • Saves you time now & money down the road


Two 27 ounce bottles

    Directions for use:

    • Sweep or dust mop dry floors to remove excess dirt. Mop floor with a neutral cleaner like Clean & Brite. Follow with a clean, damp mop to remove any potential residue (even if the cleaner is a no-rinse cleaner). Allow the floor to dry completely.
    • Rock container gently before applying, do not shake. Apply in a wavy line and spread to a thin coat to cover a small area at a time (approximately 4′ x 6′) using a clean, damp microfiber pad or clean finish mop. The use of a contaminated applicator may cause streaking or a cloudy appearance. The container will cover approx. 450 sq. ft. For best results, apply an even, consistent coat, keeping airborne dust and airflow to a minimum while the floor is wet.
    • Rinse pad/mop thoroughly with hot water after application to remove product residue. Allow 1 hour of dry time before walking on the floor and between coats. Repeat application until desired gloss is achieved, applying no more than 3 coats within a 24 hour period. Wait 24 hours before allowing heavy traffic and replacement of furniture or rugs.

    View the Safety Data Sheet for this item.

    Made in the USA


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