Mystery Microfiber Box

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Mystery Microfiber Set

We sell dozens of different kinds of microfiber cloths and towels - and we almost never end up with exactly the right number of each. So we have thousands of amazing left over cloths and towels, but not enough of each type to sell matching sets! So if you're looking for a killer deal on premium microfiber but don't care if it all matches, this is the grab-bag for you. This mismatch set is perfect for car detailing, shop towels, bathroom towels, kitchen towels, or any use around the house. 

You'll get a random mix of the very best microfiber in the world. In order to keep the price this low we can't take requests for specific types or colors. Colors may vary, sizes may vary, number of towels and cloths may vary. These cloths and towels and cloths are picked at random. 

box size is 7.5"x4"x12"